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        Electrothermal film, new heating element

        作者:Shengzhen Zonvoo Nano-tech Co.,Ltd. 來源:szhonghe 發布時間:2019-08-21 瀏覽:48

            No damage to the electrothermal film, high voltage resistance, the electrothermal film can withstand up to 1200v above the test voltage. Good properties, anti - aging. The materials of making electrothermal film are all special materials. Anti - aging, non - deterioration, stable performance, service life and building the same age. A shrinkage rate of less than 2 percent, shrinking, 2,100 hours of aging testing. Electrothermal film tensile resistance of 20 kg, high toughness. Electrothermal film wholesale,

            The highest external temperature is no more than 40℃-50°C, no spontaneous combustion, no self-explosion, no leakage of electricity, good safety, after the electrification of the electric film. If no artificial damage, long service life, has more than 30 years of operation history, good service life of 30 years. Its working performance is normal, resistant to moisture. The whole electrothermal film is waterproof after 48 hours of water resistance over 1000V high voltage test, no leakage phenomenon. Therefore, it can be used in humid environment, but it should pay attention to the insulation and waterproof treatment of connecting parts and cutting parts.

            When the external temperature reaches 40°C, the performance of the electrothermal film is stable. After the test, 26,000 hours of continuous operation, the performance and size remain unchanged. So that the membrane between the full polymerization, full thermal bonding. Advanced thermal bonding technology, no bubble, no layer, ensure the heating body and the current bar tightly combined.

            Electrothermal film wholesale is a new heating element in recent years, it is drawn from the PTC and conductive coating two heating elements of the characteristics of manufacturing. At present, electrothermal film is mainly used in indoor heating and environmental temperature maintenance, such as building heating, incubation room insulation and so on.

            The advantages of electrothermal film are no flame heating, surface heating, less thermal resistance, fast heat conduction, long service life, and easy to cut and separate, especially the electrical energy conversion efficiency of electrothermal film up to 90%, small heat loss. The disadvantage of the electrothermal film is that the heating rate is slow, the heating temperature cannot reach a high value, the heat dissipation speed after power failure.

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